Ecobusiness stategy

Today, people expect to find information on the internet and that’s why a business needs to be present on the web. Customers look for information about companies online so if you own a shop or some kind of business it is important to own a webpage. It is also important to have accounts in some social networks because people spend a lot of time connected there. So, if you own a business it would be convenient to offer on the internet, information about products, hours of opening, personal details…to make the customer interested on your company.

I just opened a new little business that sells ecologic products such as food from organic farming, ecological battery charger among many other things, and I want to promote it. I have had the idea of starting this new company because it is an innovative idea and I also would like to help the environment trying to make people aware of being more ecological to create a sustainable future. As I have said, it is a new idea and I don’t know anyone here in Bilbao who has already started promoting a related business on the internet although there are some online shops such as  Mundo Ecologico. But as I just started, I only want to promote my shop, and I think that the best way to do it is through the internet.


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Nowadays, to make your business prosper, you normally need the internet as it is the best way you have to self-promote it. Social networks or blogs are today the best way to announce a business and to make one’s name.


Since it opened in 2006, Fever is the most popular night club in Bilbao among young people. Although it is not located in a good zone, the majority of the youth goes there and this is because of the capacity the owners of the club have had of promoting the club.

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The need of a code of conduct on the internet

While you own a web page or write a blog, you should be aware of possible problems that what you are writing might cause. Many people have already been victim of violent and troubling comments in their public pages on the internet. This is what we call now cyberbullying.

To prevent it, anyone that posts anything on the internet might be conscious of the risks and take some preventive measures,  and should bear in mind a code of conduct while sharing something on the internet. Tim O’Reilly explains this idea in his blog, in which I have based this post.

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My first class example

This is the first example using categories.

Our first post in wordpress


Hello world!

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